Cute Moment a Baby Became Baffled After Dad Shaved His Beard and Played Peek-a-Boo

Michael Balderson thought it would be fun to reveal his newly-shaven face to his baby during a little game of peek-a-boo.

The 42-year-old had worn a beard for the entirety of little Theo’s life, so the shock was evident on the child’s face.

Mom captured the moment on a video that shows the 11-month-old baby laughing during the game—until his dad dropped the towel to reveal his chin.

Theo’s face became a picture of confusion.

“His jaw dropped and hit the floor,” recalled Michael, a medical physicist in Phoenix, Arizona.

“He looked towards me in shock.”

“After about 20 seconds he realized it was still me, but even towards the end of filming, he didn’t seem completely convinced.”

“He has the cutest little sad face.”

The beard is growing back slowly now, as Michael’s wife prefers it.

“I think Theo prefers me with the beard too as he likes to grab and pull it.”

Watch the video below provided by SWNS News…